Leftist Drops N-Bomb; Crickets Heard Chirping

By AR -
The co-owner and executive editor of alternative newspaper chain Village Voice Media has apologized for using a racial slur at a journalism gathering.

Michael Lacey was accepting an award from the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists on Friday when he used the N-word to refer to his late friend, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tom Fitzpatrick. His short speech also included vulgar phrases.
The MSM exploded when radio shock jock Don Imus used the phrase, "nappy-headed hoes" to refer to the black members of Rutger's University female basketball team, he was hounded from his job even after he had been forced into a grovelling apology. But predictably when the comment is made by a leftist, the MSM has been relatively silent regarding Michael Lacey.

And as far as apologies go, Lacey's was loaded with escape clauses:
"My words, meant to honor a friend, were inappropriate. All present have my sincere apology. It is regrettable that any phrase of mine offended those attending a First Amendment awards banquet."
Way to bring up the First, dude.

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