The Federal ALP score card

If Fearless Leader can give himself one after three months (without a single, solitary snigger from a grovelling MSM, I might add), I think the very least we can do is follow suit.

So, how are they doing so far (not even a year into the job)?

Let’s see. . .

  • Highest CPI in 17 years (booming economy – understandable)
  • Lowest consumer confidence in 14 years
  • Lowest business confidence in 7 years
  • First unemployment rate increase in 9 years
  • Highest interest rates in 12 years (booming economy – also understandable)
Though pinning items one and five on the Kruddite alone is a little unfair, he can certainly wear the rest with pride.

Looking good fellas, looking good. . .

PS: and they’ve just effectively slammed the state of the ALP-governed States, thanks to the weekend’s 2020 Sumofallidiots ALP-left blabberthon.

And thanks for the admission (finally) – it’s high time you ‘fessed up to your constituency (because we’ve known it all along).

On the brighter side, it’ll be an absolute hoot to watch the Federal ALP have to throw the ALP States to the wolves, not to mention the back-peddling that’ll be going on from ‘the-buck-stops-with-me’ Ker_Rudd.

I will enjoy it.

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