B. Hussein Obama - Bane of the Clintons

CBS News - In Indiana Thursday, President [Bill] Clinton said Sen. Clinton has "misstated" the circumstances of her arrival in Bosnia under sniper fire - a comment that was quickly refuted by a CBS News video of her 1996 trip - but suggested that the brouhaha over her remarks (by the media and her opponents) was exaggerated. But the former president's defense of his wife - that she had made the comment late at night after long hours of campaigning - was itself refuted by CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod, who showed the New York Senator making her remarks early one morning after a day of rest.
I feel sorry for the Clintons, whatever they do, they're not getting much support from the leftist media, oh that B. Hussein Obama, bane of the Clintons. Seriously, if it wasn't for him and the mad left's infatuation with their new messiah, I'm sure the Clintons' would have been able to get away with all this, there's just no love for them anymore. Oh well Hillary, best come out and tell every one that you were just a bit loose with the truth and send Bill on a holiday somewhere, we all know he's just loose with words and morals, best keep him occupied with something so he doesn't cause more trouble.

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