Calling lefties, socialists, commies, welfare queens etc

el universal - The Venezuelan Ministry of Housing plans to build socialist cities this year. Progress in this field is expected to be made under international agreements. Minister of Housing Edith Gómez pointed out that the first phase of a program to build socialist cities is slated to start under an agreement with Belarus. She added that a number of Ministry specialists would travel to Belarus to learn about the construction of such cities.

The creation of socialist cities has been planned under social welfare program Misión Villanueva, which is focused on developing town-building projects. Under Misión Villanueva, socialist towns are intended "to promote the endogenous potential and prioritize social economy." Therefore, small- and medium-size businesses, cooperatives, family businesses, micro-businesses, and any other form of communitarian associations have to be promoted.
I call upon all those lefties who wish the western world would abandon this wretched capitalism that's infected us for social justice. I call upon all those America haters and all those yearning for social justice, yes social justice! I call upon all of you to pack your bags, there is a glorious socialist empire utopia being set up in South America. Your dreams are but a flight away, the glorious Hugo will bring heaven on earth, he will finally bring social justice to you who have been oppressed and trampled upon by the capitalist pigs. Here is your opportunity, to finally stick it to the filthy capitalist bourgeoisie, you can build your shining beacon of hope, hope for social justice that millions, no billions around the world yearn for. Why waste your precious time with us, we are lost, lost I tell you, to the greed, the consumerism, colonialism, imperialism and all that. Go forth, join the proletariat and build your shining cities of social justice [have I said this enough times?] and perhaps our children will follow you when they tire of all this capitalist slavery & drudgery.

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