The state is not your friend

SMH - Legal authorities describe as "quite remarkable" a section of new planning laws flagged by the Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, to acquire land by force to onsell to private developers. "Under the current law, the minister is not able to re-sell land which has been acquired or transfer it to another person. The new scheme expressly allows that, and makes it clear that it may be done as part of a profitable proposal by a private developer." Last year Parramatta City Council sought to compulsorily acquire three properties, with Mr Sartor's approval, to allow its $1.4 billion Civic Place redevelopment.
The land would have ended up in the ownership of the developer Grocon. The Land and Environment Court upheld an appeal by the two owners against the acquisition. Now the minister wants to override that ruling and give himself the power to acquire land to transfer to another private owner, and to delegate such power to councils and state agencies such as Landcom, for the purposes of urban renewal and land releases. The power would extend to land that "adjoins or lies in the vicinity of" such projects. It could be sold "whether for profit or otherwise" with the only constraint being that in the opinion of the designated authority there is a "net public benefit".
It's still a draft but I wouldn't be surprised if this gets passed without much squealing. This is why I refuse to put a single extra cent into my superannuation pension fund, oh but you'll pay less tax, oh but you'll have more money when you're ready to retire, oh but the state will never touch your money. On and on they crow, authorities and experts alike, but when the day rolls around and the state decides to help itself to your money or your property, none of those bastards will come running to fight for you. You have to remember folks, if you can't take your money out and do with it as you please, then it's not really your money so don't count on it. You better have a backup plan.

So there you go folks, you can toil and sweat every year and pay off that wretched mortgage and 20 years from now, some bureaucratic scumbag just has to prove to another bureaucratic scumbag that taking your castle from you is for "the greater good" and bang it's gone. They might throw some spare change your way and tell you to eff off if you're lucky. If you want to fight it, then cough up more money and drag your tired old ass to court and hope the person sitting there gives a damn. See what happens when you give up your guns and become a subject, they no longer fear you, they'll do what they want, democracy and property rights my ass. Image thanks to Yahoo Images

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