Communism about the peasants?

China Daily - The country's rural population is poised to have a larger say in its political, economic and social issues, with the coming amendment of the Election Law giving equal representation to residents in the countryside and urban areas. The amendment has been scheduled for December, an annual legislative agenda of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee released Tuesday stated. The present Election Law stipulates that the number of people represented by a rural NPC deputy is four times that of an urban deputy. Many academics have argued that such a rule is unfair to the country's 700 million rural residents, as they do not have the same say in congress as their urban counterparts.
Correct me if I'm wrong folks, but I thought Communism was about the peasants, overthrowing the filthy bourgeoisie and freeing the proletariat or the peasants. Sorry, I get confused with all these fancy terms, with so many corpses and gulags in its wake, it's hard not to get distracted. I thought Communism was supposed to give them the power to lord over the filthy bourgeoisie and all that. So how come, after all these decades, the peasants are only just getting closer to their fair representation, let alone the only representation, which is what they're supposed to be getting right? Image thanks to Yahoo Images.

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