Think you're a citizen of a sovereign nation?

And you elect politicians to make laws in accordance with the will of the people and judges respect and make judgements according to those laws....
Well, maybe not for much longer. The unelected herd of swine at the U.N. have other plans and our leftist activist judges are perfectly willing to hand over YOUR rights and YOUR freedoms to them.
Take a look at this:
"The last time I checked, this country was founded by a revolution against an overseas power. Veterans have sacrificed and spilled their blood for centuries to keep the United States free from foreign dominance. The dissent of three justices in the nation's highest court in a case involving US sovereignty is just staggering. With nary a mention in the headlines, justices like these would have allowed an unelected overseas body to overrule our own laws and customs."
The whole frightening story is HERE:

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