PC Brigade shoot themselves in the foot

IHT - In the new nonsmoking France, where café-goers and restaurateurs have made a remarkably quiet transition to the regime of not lighting up indoors, there remains an unexpected pocket of resistance: hookah bars. Hookah bars, which began springing up in France more than a decade ago, became increasingly popular across Europe, both among immigrants from Islamic countries and among the hip student crowd. Helou's union estimates that France had 800 hookah bars before the smoking ban, half of them in Paris or its suburbs, but that perhaps one-third have closed since the ban took effect. The Hookah Professionals' Union has been holding talks with the government of President Nicolas Sarkozy in hopes of finding a solution, so far without success. Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot has shown no inclination to negotiate since declaring in December that there would be no exceptions to the smoking ban. "It's a matter of public health," she said.
Sarko might not be the ideal Conservative, but imagine it was that loony socialist Sego who was running the joint, you can guarantee once they get wind of this, they'd effectively have separate laws for the regular peasants and the Muslim immigrants. That is the case elsewhere, like that Muslim polygamist in Britain who got let off for speeding and the ones who can have extra benefits if they have extra wives. Lefties are happy to condemn and smear all Christians when some do crap like that, but when it comes to the religion of tolerance and peace, they're surprisingly tolerant and happy to bend over. If it was Sego, you'd find that the government would have to be shamed into enforcing its laws and such.

Sarko's government will do what its supposed to, enforce the law across the board, not selectively. Sorry 'hip student crowd', you lot are usually whining for some meddling socialist policy or other, it's like living in your not-so-hip father's house, if you want him to pick up the tab all the time, eventually you'll have to do as he says, so choke on that. Perhaps you can hold out until the French get tired of working hard and paying less tax or something, they'll vote for Sego then and she'll usher in the nanny state and the parasites will return in the name of social justice. Then you just need to burn some more cars, scream racism, xenophobia and what not and she'll promptly roll over and you can go ahead.

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