How the hell do you get through to these savages

Daily Mail - An Iraqi teenage girl was brutally murdered by her father in an "honour killing" after she fell in love with a British soldier in Basra. Seventeen-year-old Rand Abdel-Qader told her best friend how she had fallen for Paul, a 22-year-old she met at a charity where she worked as a volunteer. The Ministry of Defence was last night trying to trace the soldier. Officials stressed he appeared to have done nothing wrong by befriending the girl. Army insiders said they needed to establish the full facts to help prevent such a tragedy happening again.

Rand Abdel-Qader confided to her closest friend Zeinab that she fell in love the moment she saw the young soldier at the charity for displaced families, and she dreamed of a future with him. On March 16 - two months after Rand last saw Paul - her father Abdel-Qader Ali heard from a friend that his daughter had been seen speaking to the soldier at the charity project. Recalling Rand's murder, her weeping mother Leila Hussein said: "I screamed and called out for her two brothers so they could get their father away. But when he told them the reason, instead of saving her they helped him end her life."

Abdel-Qader Ali stood on the girl's throat until she suffocated and then stabbed her, all the time shouting that his honour was being cleansed. He was arrested and released within two hours. Sergeant Ali Jabbar of Basra police said: "The father has very good contacts in the Basra government." Because her family considered her impure, Rand was given only a simple burial. Her uncles spat in her grave to show their disgust. Two weeks later her mother demanded a divorce from Ali, and she now campaigns against honour killings.

Like the British did in India, you honor kill your daughters over something like this, we'll hang you from a crane and when the crows are done with you, we feed the remains to pigs until you swine bloody figure it out. Is that what's needed, do the trees and posts have to sag with the weight of your dead, will that finally get through? They liberated you sons of bitches from the boot-heel of Saddam, they freed you swine from his secret police and mass killings, these infidels from far away who owe you nothing. And yet when your daughter falls in love with one of these men who freed you, you whose wretched, pathetic honor and name could not, you scorn them and you butcher your daughter like a pig. Shame on you Abdel-Qader Ali of Basra and all those who aided you, you sons of a whoring pigs, I hope your end is long and painful, you disgusting, cowardly scum.

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