Very little justice for victims of crime

Brisbane Times - Constable Rawson James Armitage and his girlfriend Michelle Renee Dodge were beaten by almost a dozen youths as they walked on Dutton Street, Coolangatta, in November last year. Crown prosecutor Stuart Shearer today told the court several of the accused had jumped on the constable's head as he lay unconscious on the ground, in what the prosecutor labelled a "foolish and gutless act". He said tufts of Ms Dodge's hair were pulled out. In a victim impact statement read to the court, Const Armitage said the attack had forever changed his life.

"Every time I close my eyes I can recall fists hitting my face and parts of my body," Const Armitage said in the statement. "Words could not describe how Michelle must have felt seeing me on the ground with a pool of blood around my head." Although Const Armitage had returned to work, he said it was an ongoing battle to maintain confidence in his abilities. Ms Dodge said in her statement that she would require ongoing medical treatment.
Seems kinda serious don't you think, couple of scumbags jumping on your loved one's head, lucky to be alive, you'd think so wouldn't you. Couple of years in a chain-gang picking up trash and actually contributing to society sounds more than reasonable don't you think. Sorry schmucks, the joke's on you suckers. It's a new-age world we live in down under, not allowed to carry a weapon to defend yourself, cos you're safer that way, besides you can rely on the justice system to do its bit right? Wrong again folks, we've moved beyond all that mean, nasty incarceration business, that's like so old century, now it's all positive thoughts, kumbaya and holds hands, so this is what passes for justice now.
Yahoo!7 News - A teenage girl accused of instigating a vicious beating of an off-duty police officer and his girlfriend on the Gold Coast has walked free from court. Slockee was the alleged ringleader of almost a dozen youths who kicked and punched the couple, inflicting severe bruising and lacerations. Southport District Court Judge John Newton placed Slockee on two years' probation, noting she had already spent 91 days in custody.
Oh boo-freaking-hoo, poor baby already spent a whole 91 days in a jail, oh somebody cry me an freaking river. What is this western world coming to, that's like spending your life in a Siberian gulag, oh my godless, how could they! Poor, poor baby, I hope she isn't scarred for life and will still be able to make her way to the welfare office to live out the rest of her worthless life in peace, like every worthless parasite aspires to. In all honesty why don't they just charge the policeman for surviving and put a bullet in his head, finish the job you know. At the very least, just confiscate his meager possessions and hand them over to make up for the 91 days the worm had to spend locked up. Stop pretending to give a damn cos they obviously don't. Justice my ass, bwahahahaha what a joke, look elsewhere folks, we're all outta justice here, sale's over, stocks are finished, just eff off somewhere else if you want any.

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