The Left is terminally miserable

After blogging for the last five years I've come to realize that perhaps the greatest problem we have in this country is people like we see at FDR, the Daily Kos, DU and other terminally miserable websites. Quite frankly I believe they attract a lot of visitors in the way that crap attacks flies, by the smell of fear and decay. Liberals have been miserable for decades, complaining about this and that. You can hardly talk to one without them going off on a tangent about something negative. Most time one of them takes a picture they are always mad or yelling and screaming about something.

God they must corner the market on Pepto-Bismol, chugging down bottle after bottle as they find even more things to criticize and complain about. I think it's another reason that many of them are so damned ugly. Not only on the inside - where it really counts - but on the outside as well. Again, if the tree is bad the fruit is going to be rotten, and rotten fruit doesn't do anything but - you guessed it - stink and attract more flies.

To be blunt, you might wonder why they take their "screw them" mentality and simply put their heads into a collective oven, or even retire to a compound in, oh I don't know, some far away country and sip some Koolaid, and thus do the world a favor by cooling the planet down. With all that hate and anger they've got to be at least partially responsible for a few degrees of temperature rise.

The one thing miserable people hate is happy people. I wondered what a Kos Convention was like and actually asked someone who attended. He told me it was one of the most downer events he ever attended, mostly because of the anger and negativity there.


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