Lost in translation?

News.com.au - CHINESE guards will "use their bodies" to protect the Olympic flame from protesters in Canberra, China's ambassador to Australia says. But tonight Zhang Junsai said the staff would play a role in keeping the flame secure. "Their role is to make sure that the flame will not go out,'' Mr Junsai told the Nine Network.

As late as last night Mr Rudd reaffirmed his position that the Chinese torch escorts - dubbed "thugs'' by one London Olympic official - would play no role in security. "The advice that I have got from the Australian Federal Police is that the physical security of the Olympic torch will be provided by Australian security officials only,'' Mr Rudd told ABC Television last night.
Well PM Rudd, either this is the price for your insolence the other day in China or it appears that you mis-read the advice from HQ in Beijing or you thought it was for someone else, it's the one titled 'For our Australian Lackey'. Am I being too mean here? Let me know folks, I kinda feel bad calling him that, it's not really a dig at our PM, but more a dig at the leftist scum who so gleefully labeled John Howard an arse-licker and George Bush's Deputy. I thought I'd return the favor and call their man a Chinese lackey. I just thought I'd speak in a language they [lefties] would understand, OK I'll go away now and think about what I've said.

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