The Cancer of Political Correctness

IOL - Special Assignment, a weekly investigative documentary show, planned to broadcast a story on the death of 25-year-old UCT [University of Cape Town, South Africa] graduate Buntu Majalaza, who went to the bush to be initiated into adulthood, but died two weeks later on January 6 from septicaemia because of a botched circumcision. The programme focuses on the dangers of informal initiation schools where some students died. The show was meant to be aired on Tuesday but was retracted two hours before the scheduled time. It is believed that the SABC [South African Broadcasting Corporation, state owned broadcaster] refused to allow the show to go on air because of its controversial nature and its potential to offend traditional leaders.
In Black South African culture you only become a man when you are circumcised, like they say in the article, you go with other boys into the bush and they do a couple of other things and eventually your foreskin is cut off and because of poor hygiene like using the same freaking unwashed blade on each boy the above can happen. And because of the stifling cancer of political correctness, brought about and championed by the left, people won't be told about this, so they can change their ways. Because we're not allowed to bloody offend anyone, no matter how backward and stupid, Buntu Majalaza has to die for nothing and more will have to die because of ignorant customs and fancy new-age all-are-equal crap. Here's to hoping one day soon they'll put that dirty, blunt knife to the cancer of Political Correctness!

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