Only some bullying and violence is punished

Daily Telegraph - A COUPLE fed up with their 14-year-old being bullied have narrowly avoided jail after bashing their daughter's tormentor. The court was told the attack, which took place in a park on April 3, 2006, came after the parents notified the school and police over the repeated bashing and bullying of their daughter over several weeks. Prosecutor Nicholas McGhee said the Crown conceded the couple's daughter had been subjected to violent bullying by Rachel, including an attack in which she bashed the couples daughter's head against a school toilet wall. Barrister Paul Brown, for Mr Baker, said his client had become frustrated when neither the school or police acted upon the complaints about the assaults on his daughter.
If they had followed the law, the reality is that nothing would have happened to the bully, I hear parents and teachers on the radio regularly telling us that misbehaving kids simply cannot be punished. Put yourself in their position, would you let your children just get bashed and bullied and do nothing when the authorities also do nothing. The reality is that if your child is the target, either learn to fight and win or change schools, the authorities are powerless and indifferent. However if you take the law into your own hands and do the right thing, oh then every one will come running to kick you back into your place. How dare you not bend over and grease up, suddenly there are laws to screw you over and punish you. Nothing for the bully, just you who'll stand and fight, like defending yourself, defending your kin is also a big no-no. In my opinion the parents were stupid, because they let themselves get caught.

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