Is the ALP Making Our Worst Nightmares Come True?

Looks like it, I’m afraid.

I think most of us had hoped they would basically just leave well enough alone and bask in ‘being there’.

Naïve, I know, but most hope is:
Two of Australia’s most important economic institutions, the Reserve Bank and the Productivity Commission, are under attack....
Some of the reasons why are obvious:

. . .there was a view at the most senior levels of the Rudd Government that Stevens [the Reserve Bank Governor] needed to urgently improve his presentation, not least because he had spectacularly contradicted Treasurer Wayne Swan’s narrative that independent rate rises by Australia’s banks were not always justified.

Stevens did a bit more than that when he appeared before a parliamentary committee last Friday. He also said that claims of mortgage stress were exaggerated and denied inflation was out of control, contradicting two other favourite government narratives....

I’m now absolutely confident that this lot are going to wreck the train, and probably in spectacular fashion. It’s just too soon to be showing these signs for it to be otherwise. I would try to look on the bright side and tell myself it’s a lesson the electorate needed to learn, but if universally incompetent ALP State administrations aren’t lesson enough, nothing ever will be.

Want more? Here ya’ go:

AUSTRALIA'S unemployment rate was a seasonally adjusted 4.1 per cent in March, compared with an unchanged 4.0 per cent in February, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show.
Right now you’re thinking: ‘he wants this to happen’.

I don't really, but the fact is, this will hit the ALP boosters (and 'da workas') harder than most. In principal, I think that they deserve to reap what they’ve sown - it's a good lesson.

So smile, dickheads – just smile.

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