move over, Christine Nixon!

"SOUTH Africa's deputy Security Minister Susan Shabangu has drawn shock and anger after telling police in the crime-ridden country to "kill the bastards".

"You must kill the bastards if they threaten you or your community,'' Ms Shabangu told a crime rally on Wednesday in Pretoria, where she received a standing ovation.

Official figures show there are about 50 murders a day in the country and there were nearly 9000 between last April and September alone.

"You must not worry about the regulations. That is my responsibility. Your responsibility is to serve and protect,'' she said.

"I want no warning shots. You have one shot, and it must be a kill shot.''

Ms Shabangu's spokesman Noxolo Kweza said she stood by her comments which were quoted on the front page of The Star newspaper under the headline "Kill the bastards.''

"I won't tolerate any pathetic excuses for you not being able to deal with crime. You have been given guns, now use them,'' Ms Shabangu was reported as saying.
Thanks to Phil Stephenson for that item.
Give this woman a visa immediately and put her to work!

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