2020 Summit - A socialist totalitarian wet dream

News.com.au - Health Minister Nicola Roxon said one idea put forward in a submission was an annual national fitness test where citizens would receive a financial incentive if they pass. Health stream participants in the 2020 summit also discussed increasing public education about how death can be a "positive experience" to avoid patients panicking when they reach hospital emergency departments. Health participant, Meredith Sheil, a former Westmead Children's Hospital pediatrician, said many participants had suggested a ban on cigarette sales by 2020. "You would say, 'OK, from now on everybody born after 2008, you are not allowed to sell cigarettes (to)'." Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton suggested increasing the cost of artificial and packaged food. "I actually think we need to price foods according to their environmental and health impact, rather than harping at people to eat this or that," she said.
What a surprise eh, a bunch of raving leftists get together and the plans they come up with involved a lot of "forced/cajoled" activities. Oh but lefties are the guardians of liberty and all that folks, can you see the obese pigs gliding majestically by! Just on this health issue, I wouldn't be surprised if we will see such things being implemented in Australia. Stop and think about it, you handed healthcare over to the state and not matter how much they fail to deliver, you still insist on leaving it with them. They have a limited budget and a growing patient base, you don't want to pay extra tax do you, so who ever is in government there will come a time when they have to meddle in your personal affairs. When the money starts running short and you keep screaming at the state to do something, eventually they'll turn around and tell you to curtail certain behaviors that they deem unhealthy. They'll get you to take a fitness test and then tell you that you're a bit of a fatty, so you must lose some weight.

To lose this weight you must jog/walk for an hour each week and to ensure you actually do this, we need to put this here GPS unit on you. We'll need to check your movements so we'll put this here CCTV camera to make it easier for us. And if you don't lose enough weight under their plan, well then a social worker needs to come into your home and poke around in your fridge and ask why are you eating beer-batter potatoe wedges and not a low-fat tofu salad. Why are you smoking, why are you drinking, you'll need to cut back on the partying sweetheart. If someone else is coughing up for your healthcare, then you don't get to do what you feel like. Sorry folks, with responsibility goes liberty, if you want liberty, you must take responsibility. So expect this sort of thing to start happening slowly, you have wall-to-wall Labor now and you're not willing to grow up. Hat tip to KG for the poster.

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