"Eddie was killed because he did not have a cigarette"

"EDDIE Spowart was stabbed to death because he didn't smoke and couldn't give a cigarette to a gang of youths who approached him at a train station yesterday.

Horrified friends told The Daily Telegraph that the 54-year-old had been on the phone when the group of African males approached him at Granville Train Station about 12.45am.

They asked him for a cigarette but when the Fijian qualified fitter, who moved to Australian in 1989, told them to go away because he didn't smoke things turned nasty, his long-time friend Tony Chand said.

He was stabbed several times in his thigh, stomach and underneath his shoulder."
No, Eddie was NOT killed because he didn't have a cigarette--he was killed because multiculti, leftist utopian effing morons refuse to believe that there are some cultures which are incompatible with Western societies.
I'm willing to bet that these youths were Somalis--and Somalia produces some of the thickest, most violent scumbags known to man. EVERYWHERE they emigrate has problems with them.
Their "culture" is unmanageable, using our soft and ineffectual system of law and policing and in any case, until the media begin to clearly identify the problem and force politicians to act the police have one hand tied behind their backs and will never get on top of this.
Naturally, the usual bleeding-heart dishonest leftards will bleat and witter about racism and collective punishment and poor social conditions yadayadayada, but since they're the bastards who caused this problem in the first place, those comments are just so much background noise. The chatter of adolescent monkeys.
Deport the "African youths" and throw in an equal number of leftards as an example to the rest--let's see how their multiculti theories fare in Somalia.

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