The Wages of Stupidity

Consumer confidence at 15-year low

AUSTRALIAN consumer sentiment has fallen to its lowest level in almost 15 years. . .a survey says.
Gosh – I do ever so wonder why?
With the Reserve Bank not raising interest rates since the last survey it is reasonable to have expected some modest recovery in the index this month," Mr Evans said. However this further fall emphasises just how concerned households must be with the current economic environment."
Dutifully following the mantra of ‘high interest rates and an uncertain global economy’, the reporter carefully neglects to mention the sterling contribution of an idiotic new ALP Federal Government, desperate to smear the previous incumbents by talking up a moronic black-hole myth that anyone with even half a brain knows doesn’t exist.

Well, careful what you wish for guys – all your worst nightmares may well be coming true, and in no small part due to the Federal Treasurer’s hysterical antics, ably assisted by a largely duplicitous media.

When it happens, it will, of course, hit the twits who vote for these tossers the hardest.

It always does.

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