Behead them, I say

SMH - Six British Muslim men were jailed today after being found guilty of supporting terrorism in speeches made at a London mosque. "These are extremely serious offences," said John McDowall, head of the Metropolitan Police Service's Counter-Terrorism Command. "The overwhelming majority of people totally reject the deeply offensive views peddled by these defendants. They deliberately set out to incite people to carry out terrorist acts."
We should behead them, instead of sending them to jail for a few years of coddling, halal meals and the opportunity to convert some criminal scumbags into jihad. Yes I know they haven't done anything to warrant such punishment by our standards and most of us don't have the stomach for such activities. However think about it this way, it'll still be fairer than the fate that any of you filthy infidel kuffar will ever get at the hands of the terrorist scumbags they support. We at least gave them a fair trial and I'm only calling for the execution of the guilty, not the innocent, so we are being much nicer than they ever will be to us. Besides, a few lopped heads and I'm thinking Islamic terrorism will suddenly lose a lot of support.

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