Oh my godless, Oh my godless, it's Kate Blanchett!

LiveNews - It wasn't a red carpet, instead it was the marble floor of the foyer of Parliament House that actor Cate Blanchett strolled across with some of the other well-known 2020 delegates. The award-winning actor is one of the Prime Minister's nominees to head the discussions during the weekend's gathering. The Prime Minister says the purpose of the summit is for people to put forward ideas. He says he wants to shake the tree to see what falls out.
Oh my godless, it's Kate Blanchett, I think I'm going to need, like a moment folks. Oh my godless it's Kate Blanchett, we're saved, saved I tell you, saved. So PM Dudd is going to be shaking the tree eh, here's to hoping a coconut falls on his head and knocks an actual idea that's well thought out and has some detail and can actually be implemented in our lifetime.

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