Should have been life, never to be released - A MAN who shot his pregnant wife in the head in front of their infant child has been jailed for at least 20 years. The badly decomposed remains of Jody Galante, 26, were found on a bush track at Bilpin, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, on January 14, 2006. Mark Galante made an emotional televised plea for help finding his "angel", whom he had reported missing to police on January 7. Galante maintained his innocence until he was arrested and charged three months after his wife's death.
Personally I'd be happy with a bullet to the back of his head or the chair, but we don't have the stomach for all that, so I'd have settled for life, but even that's too much apparently, so he'll be out by 50, if not sooner, there are still appeals and all that. I guess once he's out, he'll be moving onto welfare. What, you lot didn't think you were just working for yourselves and the betterment of the country did you? No, no, sorry suckers, get back to work, scumbags and parasites are waiting for you lot to earn something so they can eat and live off you.

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