Kevin07: Shameless Frauds

By AR - The Member for Bennelong, Maxine McKew has been in full ideas mode ahead of the 20-20 Summit Of Fools.
One option canvassed by Ms McKew was more flexible arrangements allowing workers to "buy" more annual leave by taking a pay cut - a move backed yesterday by unions.
Gee, you know that's funny. I could have sworn my employment conditions to purchase extra leave by salary-sacrifice already existed. Let me check the fine print of my Australian Workplace Agreement:
Additional Leave is a new leave type that reflects (my employer)’s commitment to helping employees balance their work, family and lifestyle commitments. The aim is to provide employees with flexibility in accessing Additional Leave at times mutually agreed between employees and their managers.

Eligible employees can apply to purchase up to four weeks Additional Leave each remuneration year (1 October to 30 September) by salary packaging the value of the leave from their salary package.
Seems like this brilliant new Kevin07 initiative has been available to me for several years. But how could this be? AWAs are about screwing the life out of employees, not helping them "balance their work, family and lifestyle commitments".

Kevin07 is nothing but a bunch of shameless frauds.

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