What a pity breathing is an involuntary reflex...

otherwise this fool would have spared us utter garbage such as this:
""Energy Minister David Parker believes New Zealanders may have to accept initial volumes of biofuels from "unsustainable" sources for the sake of the long-term fight against climate change.
He said last night outside a biofuel and electric vehicle conference in Wellington that the important issue was to ensure the right signals were sent to oil companies that they had to be relentless in pursuit of sustainable transport fuels."
So New Zealanders are to be taxed to hell and back and these morons are promoting the manufacture of biofuels despite all the evidence that they cause massive hikes in food prices--all to send the "right signals" to those foolish oil companies!
The companies which employ engineers and economists and all kinds of other technical staff who--apparently--don't have access to the wisdom this socialist fucking moron has?
Arrogant. Stupid. Dishonest. No wonder he rose to cabinet rank in the sleaziest, most corrupt government this little country has ever had the misfortune to suffer.

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