Your rights at work?

A few weeks ago on a trip to Sydney I remember driving past a 'Your rights at work' placard hanging off a post somewhere on the outskirts of Sydney. It was just hanging off this pole all by its lonesome. At the time I thought, now that the election was over, why is it still there, we voted in the party of 'Your rights at work' so it doesn't need to be there does it? Nothing to complain about anymore, 'Your rights at work' have been restored., right? Perhaps that lone sign discarded on the pole was a sign.
LiveNews - The first stage of Labor's industrial relations laws have been passed by the upper house, but in a major backflip the party's voted to keep the Howard government's unfair dismissal laws. Shadow Workplace Minister Julie Bishop says it is an embarrassing admission by the Rudd government. "This is hypocrisy at its worst. And Julia Gillard told workers if they signed an AWA they'd be ripped off. "She's now introduced her own individual contracts and this exposes Labor's lies and trickery throughout the election campaign." My bold.
Looking at this from the perspective of the 'working families' that they were banging on and on about, this is treachery, lies and deceit. Those IR laws were going to bring the end of life as we knew it, when voted in Labor was going to burn them at Telstra stadium, right before that mean, nasty Howard was tarred and feathered. It was panic and hysteria folks, grand parents were on TV, shedding tears, begging us not to screw over their children, people were getting fired left and right, your rights at work! Yes, your rights, the Libs tore them up, your rights, those bastards! And now this, where is the outrage, where are the unions, am I missing something, why aren't they screaming, too busy helping themselves to the gravy I suppose.

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