Celebrate good times ... come on!

MSNBC - After secret interrogations, the CIA transferred to U.S. military custody a high-level al-Qaida figure who helped Osama bin Laden escape from Afghanistan in 2001, the Pentagon announced Friday. Mohammad Rahim was detained last summer, CIA Director Michael Hayden said, but the intelligence official didn’t reveal where or by whom. The CIA has interrogated Rahim. “I can’t characterize the nature of his questioning (but) this detention was done in accord with U.S. law,” a senior counterterrorism official said.
Good thing Dubya vetoed that legislation banning water boarding and the terrorist-coddling treasonous Democrats failed to overturn it the other day. Welcome to Gitmo Rahim, bring out the ham sandwiches, our guest looks famished. Oh, and run a bath will ya, we need to make Rahim more comfortable in his new surroundings while we shoot the breeze and talk in detail about the past.

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