Bush Endorsement Worth Something, Suddenly

By AR - Until just recently any acknowledgement by the US President of the Australian Prime Minister would bring with it calls of lapdog, lickspittle, sheriff's deputy, and street parades featuring two papier mache dogs humping. But that's all changed now. Bush Backs Rudd, trumpets the Sydney Morning Herald.

Everything between the two leaders is pallsy-wallsy. Bush thinks Rudd deserves a Man Of Steel moniker, and Rudd made Bush an honorary Queenslander. But Rudd almost went too far when he, "when he mentioned the sunshine state was bigger than the President's beloved home of Texas." Ho ho ho.

The press conference was described as "jovial". Yeah, more like a joke. When Rudd says this, "We need to sign up a common script both military and civil on how we actually prosecute and succeed in this conflict. Once (we do that) ... we then say to all Afghanistan partners let's all step up to the plate to make this work across the country of Afghanistan"... and Bush in turn describes Rudd as, "a straight-shooter," you can be sure someone is having a laugh.

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