I guess even a broken clock....

... but who would have thought Bob Brown would be the broken clock...

AUSTRALIAN Greens leader Bob Brown has accused the prime minister of been "effectively silent" on a violent crackdown on Tibetan protesters by Chinese authorities.

"When the Burmese crisis was on last year, with Buddhist monks and nuns being shot and incarcerated and tortured, this prime minister called on the then (Howard) government for targeted sanctions against the Burmese regime and for coordinated worldwide condemnation of Burma.

"Now, we've got the same thing happening in Tibet and the prime minister, who's made such a feature of his understanding and relationship with China, is effectively saying nothing except: 'Let's have restraint'."

You know the country is in a fucking sorry state when Bob Brown is doing the job that the Opposition Leader and the media should be doing in calling out Rudd's gutlessness and double standard.

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