Protester Gets The Message

By AR - Usually protesters want to convey a message, but in this case the message was received.
"A PROTESTER involved in the violent G20 riots has been jailed for 14 months after denouncing his own actions. Akin Sari was among a group of demonstrators who stormed a city office, attacked a police brawler van, rammed police lines with plastic barricades and hurled rocks, rubbish bins and milk crates. Judge Roy Punshon said it was to Sari's credit that he had acknowledged his behaviour during the November 2006 riots was unacceptable. Judge Punshon said Sari's change of attitude sent an important message to the public and others who protested the Group of 20 nations summit, held in Melbourne."
A 14 month minimum term is a pretty serious punishment. I bet some of the protestors yet to be sentenced are wishing the police had gone in with a baton charge instead of standing by allowing themselves to be fire-hosed and spat at. A few judiciously delivered truncheon blows may have dampened the enthusiasm of some and rather than facing a long stretch in jail they may have gotten away with just a sore head.

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