The wheels are slowly coming off

Just yesterday the Rudd government was finally shamed and bullied into doing the right thing by the carers but as soon as one leaking hole is plugged, another another springs up. Late in February.
kevin_rudd.jpgAdelaide Now - THE Rudd Government has backed away from an election pledge to provide every upper secondary school student with their own computer.
Daily Telegraph - THE Rudd Government will axe a $1.2 billion program which has allowed schools across NSW to upgrade toilets, landscape their grounds and improve facilities.
There goes the education revolution up in flames. Now we find out about this. - THE ACTU begins a campaign today to have minimum award wages increased by $26 a week, and seeking a curb on executive salaries.
Jack up the wages and it's not the tooth fairy who'll be chipping in, neither will it be PM Rudd and Julia Gillard writing cheques long into the night. Business will have to cough up, that means you'll have to cough up as well, it also means they'll be hiring fewer people so they won't have to cough up even more. While I'm on the subject of coughing, there's a bit of persistent coughing from the ALP back benches. - ONE of the Federal Government's key industrial relations policies is impossible to achieve, a senior Labor backbencher says. The Victorian senator Gavin Marshall said yesterday that Labor's plan to modernise industrial awards in a way that did not disadvantage employees but also did not increase costs for employers seemed contradictory. His remarks are at odds with the insistence by the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, that awards will be modernised without either reducing employee entitlements or increasing labour costs.
Isn't this like the basics of how things work. If the employee is to get more money, that money has to come from somewhere, someone has to pay, just the way it is, didn't they think of all this? I wonder if any of this will be part of the 200 day in office press release and photo shoots.

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