The next 'Sorry' - The 'abandoned' generation

The Age - Several members of Aurukun's community justice group, led by Martha Koowarta, widow of a local land rights hero, are urging outsiders to take children from age nine for their safety and education. Justice, education and child safety standards in Aurukun, Cape York, have collapsed. Last financial year, 763 defendants — including repeat offenders — from the township of 1000, faced court. "We need to get the children out of here, especially the girls, because it is not safe," Ms Koowarta said. "Closing the school (in favour of boarding schools) is a good idea, so that when they come back from the city, they can talk and read English as well as Wik Mungkan. "I was put in a mission dormitory when I was eight, nine. I cried for two nights, then I was right with the rest of those kids.We weren't stolen; our family was there. It was a good system. Or a better system than now. At least my generation learnt to read and write properly." [My bold]
But who will take them now, because how do we know that 20 years from now, they won't be demanding a sorry from us and compensation? Somebody page the PM, what's he got to say for this, what's he going to do? If they're taken out and it doesn't work out, will that be considered genocide and racism in 20 years? Will he take responsibility in 20 years? It's better to try and fail than not try at all, but who will try when those who tried before were punished and demonized for doing just that. The price for 'feeling good' I guess.

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