They'd have my vote for this

Thanks to Daily Mail - The BBC would be forced to share the £3.2billion proceeds of the licence fee and scale back its dominant presence on the Internet under radical proposals by the Tories. The party also said commercial broadcasters which did not receive public money should no longer have to be politically impartial. That would pave the way for channels such as Rupert Murdoch's Fox News - which has been accused of promoting a Republican point of view at the expense of neutrality in the U.S. - to come to Britain.
I'm sure the lefties will be most upset, they still can't get over the reality that FOX News is still allowed to operate in the U.S. Good godless, what is this world coming to with all this fairness and those Conservative bastards getting a voice. And how exactly will lefties manage to survive without stealing money from taxpayers, instead having to earn it, like the rest of us! I just hope enough Britons are sick to the back teeth of their money feeding that nest of leftist vipers at the al-Beeb.

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