More spitting at Spitzer

Yet Another Reason For Outrage Over Spitzer

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So, I'm thinking, how could a guy frequenting high end call girls allegedly for years lead the prosecution of the very same type of service as recently as 2004? It turns out it wasn't the same at all. From the New York Times circa 2004:
In most instances, customers paid $250 for sex, sometimes using credit cards. The transactions, officials said, were processed through merchant accounts held by escort services or limousine companies, and in one instance a company that hired musical bands for weddings.

Two-hundred and fifty bucks couldn't get you a drink with one of Spitzer's gals - the least expensive of which appears to have been somewhere around a grand an hour. So much for Democrats looking after the middle class. You might say in Spitzer's case, he had no regard for the working stiff at all.


A thought from a reader: "My wife is a former director of a hospital. She came up with an interesting diagnosis about Spitzer's conduct. It is possible he has lost his inibitions because of brain disease. One possibility is a brain tumor another is Pick's disease. Pick's disease affect the frontal lobe in the brain, the area thart keeps you well behaved. She knows of a fellow who squandered a large fortune on prostitutes before he died of Pick's. I'm not justifying Spitzer's behavior but maybe he needs his brain scanned"

Spitzer had to pay heaps for sex: "With pressure mounting on New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to resign over a call-girl scandal, investigators said he was clearly a repeat customer who spent tens of thousands of dollars with the high-priced prostitution service over an extended period of time. Yesterday, when the scandal broke, prosecutors said in court papers that Spitzer, who was known by the call-girl service as "Client Nine", had been caught on a wiretap spending $US4300 with the Emperors Club VIP call-girl service, with some of the money going toward a night with a prostitute named Kristen, and the rest as credit toward future trysts. The papers also suggested that Spitzer had done this before. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a law enforcement official said that Spitzer, in fact, had spent tens of thousands of dollars with the Emperors Club. Another official said the amount could be as high as $US80,000 ($A86,000), but it was not clear over what period of time that was spent."

Spitzer acted in character: "Many in the media refer to Eliot Spitzer as some moral hero who fell from grace. Spitzer was never a moral hero. He was an unscrupulous prosecutor who threw his power around to ruin people, even when he didn't have any case with which to convict them of anything. Because he was using his overbearing power against businesses, the anti-business left idolized him, just as they idolized Ralph Nader before him as some sort of secular saint because he attacked General Motors. What Eliot Spitzer did was not out of character. It was completely in character for someone with the hubris that comes with the ability to misuse his power to make or break innocent people."

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