Paybacks a bitch!!!

JPost - Five terrorists, including the Islamic Jihad leadership in Bethlehem, were killed in two clashes with the IDF in the West Bank on Wednesday. In the morning, IDF soldiers surrounded a house in Seida, near Tulkarm, and in ensuing gun battles killed Saleh Karkur, 27, an Islamic Jihad gunman. In the evening, a team from the Israel Police's elite Yamam counterterror unit raided Bethlehem and killed four Islamic Jihad gunmen. The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said the four had constituted the leadership of the terrorist group's armed wing in the city. When the men's bodies were inspected, they were found to be carrying rifles and pistols. Among the dead was Mahmoud Shehada, 45, the commander of Islamic Jihad in Bethlehem.
Another of the dead was Ahmad Balbul, 48, reported to have been a member of both Fatah's Aksa Martyrs Brigades and the Bethlehem City Council. The Shin Bet said Shehada had maintained direct contacts with Islamic Jihad headquarters in Syria and regularly received instructions from Damascus regarding attacks. The IDF said Shehada was responsible for a series of car bombings and suicide attacks in Jerusalem early this decade. In March 2001, Shehada dispatched a car bomb to the capital's Talpiyot neighborhood that wounded five people. Later that year he sent two suicide bombers who blew up in separate incidents and wounded close to 50 people.
Nice to hear such news, kill Jews and no matter how long it takes, they'll hunt you, every day till they catch up to you, will be a nervous one. You'll never know who'll sell you out or if you just screw up, all you know is that they're hunting you, day and night, every single day and one day somewhere, they'll find you.

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