Confirmed: The ALP is an Enemy of the State

The Australian Labor Party is everything we have always suspected and more. And just as we suspected, it is now clear that the recent water agreement was being stymied by the States (and one State in particular) for political purposes:

The fact that there is no new money proves that the Victorian Premier held out on a vital national water agreement for 14 months for naked political purposes. Mr Rudd and the Victorian premier have been complicit in ensuring that there was no new water agreement until now.
The Victorian State ALP should be punished for this. It won’t be, of course.

Read the whole infuriating article. The fact is that the ALP is not fit to hold office – not anywhere. And that is because they are clearly our (the community’s) enemies when their party political interest conflicts with ours. The press keeps touting Rudd as having not put a step wrong. Frankly, I’m yet to see him put one right. The corruption, lying and spin that’s been flying from Canberra and its largely tame press is completely out of control.

They will damage us all as a direct result, before they are done.

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