Behold The Big Bag

By AR - Aussies love big things. We have the Big Banana, the Big Merino, and The Big Prawn. We love big family cars and V8s. And now it seems we love big plastic bags. Bags so big and heavy, it's doubtful you could carry your shopping home in them. According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

"More than 4 billion bags were imported in 2007, containing about 22 million tonnes of plastic, while about 760 million bags were made in Australia."

That figures out to 5.5kg per bag and about 1 tonne of plastic bags per Australian per year. A bit of simple arithmetic shows these stats to be just more environmental alarmism. Just as this heart string-tugging final claim in the article:

"Most used plastic bags go into landfill, but each year many millions become litter and some end up choking and poisoning wildlife."

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