How long will your luck hold out Australia

glock17.jpgNinemsn - A man involved in a shootout with police near a suburban Sydney shopping centre was planning a US-style massacre and not a bank robbery as first thought. The unnamed 22-year-old was carrying three spare magazines for his fully-loaded Glock pistol — a total of 40 bullets — when he was intercepted by police on Monday. A source close to investigators says the man intended to carry out a random shooting spree in Eastwood Shopping Centre, but they have not established a motivation for the planned attack. Local shopkeepers from the mall say they were lucky not to get caught in the cross fire as police traded gun shots with the man at a laneway near the centre about 1.30pm. "There was around seven of us (near the door) when the bullets came through the roller shutter. "We were really lucky that no one was hit.
I've often wondered how long it will be before our luck runs out one day, guns and knives are out there. You and I might not have them, but there are folks out there with them. You can pass as many laws as you want, but they'll still be out there. If the politicians still need armed protection, that's proof that there are armed nasties out there. I remember a number of incidents in the past where numerous shots were fired into establishments and at people, fortunately for them, they didn't hit anyone. This fellow was carrying a registered loaded gun with spare magazines, it's against the law to do that, didn't stop him did it. It's against the law to rape, murder and shoot people as well, but it still happens doesn't it. In America when the baddies stroll into town shooting and killing, see what they do.
Denver Post - Applications for concealed-weapon permits have skyrocketed in Colorado, with the increase fueled by everything from heavily publicized mass shootings to routine renewals, according to the state's sheriffs. In 2007, 9,880 people statewide sought permits, compared with 6,649 people in 2006 and 6,670 people in 2005, according to the County Sheriffs of Colorado. And the surge has continued into 2008 in several counties.
They understand the reality that the bad guys will always be able to get guns and they do not follow whatever law you insist on passing, so instead of squealing for more useless laws banning guns, raping and murdering, they go out and get guns. We have no such option, if you want to remain law-abiding. Just think about it the next time you go to the mall, it wasn't our fancy laws that stopped him, it was two men with guns. If those cops with their guns weren't at the right place and at the right time, we'd all just be sitting ducks, defenseless, quacking ducks. You got lucky again once again Australia, the answer is staring you in the face, how long will you keep pushing your luck. How many more useless laws will we pass, how many will have to die before we accept the reality.

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