Will others follow the French example?

FOX News - President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday that France will cut its nuclear arsenal to fewer than 300 warheads. France will reduce by one-third its airborne force of nuclear weapons, according to Sarkozy, leaving the nation with fewer than 300 warheads. Many of those are aboard submarines. Sarkozy said he is firmly committed to France's nuclear deterrent. He called it the nation's life insurance policy. But military spending needs to be re-examined, he added.
Since this is a peaceful, kumbaya-type gesture, I look forward to hearing of certain third-world dictatorships following the French example and also junking their pursuit of the big nasty nuke. After all we're always told that giving up our guns will mean world peace and utopia. On a different note, I'm glad France is letting go of some of its arsenal, but not for the usual kumbaya reasons though. The way I see it, this new/old Europe doesn't seem all that gung-ho and ready to kick ass if you will. What's the point of having all these fancy weapons if you're not prepared to use them when provoked. If you have a gun but are not prepared to use it, then you better turn it into a spade, lest you get shot in the ass with it by someone who is prepared to use it. Wouldn't want one of their nukes getting into the hands of those who are currently rioting, burning and ambushing police in France.

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