An interesting precedent - Maurizio Gianpier Rao, from suburban Kaleen, was surrounded by friends and family in the ACT Supreme Court as he was acquitted of murdering 23-year-old Nato David Seuala almost two years ago. Mr Seuala was stabbed in the head and stomach in the early hours of July 15, 2006, during a brawl outside the Cube nightclub. He died in hospital three weeks later. Justice Malcolm Gray, who heard the case without a jury, found Mr Rao not guilty of murder and not guilty of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.
Justice Gray said Mr Rao was acting in self defence. "In my view, the accused has not provoked this attack upon him by the deceased," he said in a 43-page judgment. There are still two unresolved matters relating to the case which have been adjourned to a later date. They include Mr Rao's alleged possession of a prohibited weapon - the knife which was used in Mr Seuala's stabbing.
From what's written above, it appears Rao went to a nightclub with a prohibited weapon, was attacked and so used this prohibited weapon to defend himself. He still has to face the charge of carrying the prohibited weapon, but at least he is alive today. I don't believe that he should face that charge because if he had followed the law he'd probably be dead now. We should be allowed to carry weapons to defend ourselves, but we are not allowed to. Would have been nice if this fellow didn't have this case hanging over his head for the last year and a half, none the less it's good to see the justice system doesn't punish us for defending ourselves. Would be good if the prosecution could find some other actual criminal to go after but I guess that's too much for the state that doesn't like free men.

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