Multiculturalism is back

LiveNews - The public image of Muslims and Islam could be given a make-over to help ease relations with the wider Australian society. It was first set up by the Howard Government in 2005 but expired a year later. Now it will be revived to address the religious stereotypes of Islam, but empanelled with average, everyday Muslim Australians. Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson says it's also about reshaping the religion's public image. “There’s a lot of secularist Muslims…Muslim is just part of their make-up. They’re also academics, they’re also Australians, with different backgrounds etcetera, these are the people we want to try and give some prominence to.”
How paternalistic of Ferguson to take it upon himself to reshape the public image of Islam when he's not even a Muslim. Multiculturalism is back folks, so what if its failed just about everywhere else, so what if it's sending Britain and much of Europe down the toilet, we can make it work here folks, you cough up the money and just give it a chance you intolerant bastards! I wonder what the other cultures are feeling, I mean we have people here from Africa, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, South America, Europe, India etcetera all keeping their noses clean here and in other western countries, all largely working hard & paying their taxes. But you won’t see any Koreans marching down the main streets telling Aussies and whiteys to ‘go to effing hell’ or ‘your 9/11 is coming’. You don’t see the Tamils from Sri Lanka banging on about tolerance and death to all whiteys. How come we're only focusing on the good Muslims?

You don’t see Indians catching the odd whitey that strays into their turf and beating the tripe out of him. You don't hear of Jewish people here teaching their children to hate America and the evil whiteman. How come we aren't seeking out everyday Hindus, Buddhists and what ever else to you know, 'ease relations', 'make-over' and address the religious stereotypes of their various religions? Is it because they don't have any of these problems, gee I wonder why, one of life's great mysteries I suppose. How come these leftists seeking tolerance and kumbaya aren't yearning to 'try and give some prominence to' these folks. Perhaps it’s time for all the other peaceful cultures to start rioting and burning, that seems to be the easiest way to get some attention and a bit of coddling from the government. The more trouble you make, the more the lefties will try to make the rest of the folks conform to your way of thinking.

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