The Most Retarded Tourism Ad Ever

I was strolling around the other day when I stumbled across this advertisement for the town of Esperance - a hick town out in the middle of Buttfuck nowhere along the south coast of Western Australia.

Why do I suggest that it is a hick town full of petty, hillbilly hicks? Well take a look at the ad:

Yes you read that right. A spaceship (Skylab) crashed in 1979 and was fined $400 for littering - and that is supposed to make us want to go there? To a town so pathetic and petty and small minded?

Sorry dipshits, but it makes your town look like a petty, hillbilly hick town full of people who are so fucking petty that you fine people for things beyond their control - like crashing - and nobody wants to visit a petty, hillbilly hick town full of petty hillbilly hicks.

Maybe you can also fine people who have car accidents for littering and people who die in those accidents for illegally dumping fertilizer by decomposing - that is how fucking petty and stupid your town appears as a result of that ad.

Now if the good people of Esperance take offence at being made out to be fucking petty, hillbilly hicks (and I know I would), I would be tracking down the ad agency who came up with that ad, and then tracking down the fucking worthless, snivelling bureaucrat who spent your rates on that ad.

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