Abortion for 'social reasons'?

Daily Mail - As campaigners claimed that termination had become just another form of contraception, figures showed that about 1,300 women had at least their fifth last year. Almost 950 of those having a termination had already had four. Almost 200 had already had five, 110 had had six before - and 54 seven or more. At the same time, 61,904 women in England and Wales were having their second abortion last year - up from 58,740 in 2004. The statistics were disclosed by Dawn Primarolo, the Public Health Minister, last night. It is thought that they could influence the first major Parliamentary vote on abortion since 1990, which is expected within weeks.
Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard, whose Parliamentary questions prompted the release of the figures, said they were disturbing. "They clearly reveal some women are tempted to use abortion as an alternative form of contraception. Terminations are permitted up until birth if an unborn child is thought to have a range of disabilities, and until 24 weeks for social reasons. But research at a top neonatal unit has found that an increasing number of babies born between 22 and 25 weeks are surviving. In the early Eighties, only a third survived. By the late Nineties, this had risen to 71 per cent. Church of England, the Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim leaders have all demanded a review of the law.
Don't be surprised folks, if you allow abortion to be doled out willy-nilly, then some people are going to use it as a form of contraception. It doesn't make sense to say that you can have an abortion if your baby is unwanted but you can no longer have an abortion if it's your 6th or 10th one. If a woman continues to have unprotected sex and refuses to take responsibility for her actions then how is it that the 10th baby suddenly has a right to life but the first 9 did not. Which ever way you look at it, you have to make a judgment and in our society, political correctness paralyzes us from doing that. Think about it, you simply can't allow abortion for 'social reasons'.

If you do, then you have to draw the line somewhere and that's making a judgment. What will you do when these women turn up for the 6th abortion, you can't refuse them because that implies they're sluts and there come the lawyers and like I said, how can the 4th and 5th be alright but the others not alright? Perhaps we can pass a law that forces them to use contraception, but who will police that, are you going to kick the door down and demand proof of contraception whilst in the middle of casual fornication? Good luck with that. The way I see it, you either allow abortion for 'social reasons' or you don't at all. Image thanks to Genethique.

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