Ferdinand and Isabella are no more

IHT - Although Spain is peppered with the remnants of ancient mosques, most Muslims gather in dingy apartments, warehouses and garages like the one on North Street that are pressed into service as prayer halls to accommodate a ballooning population. The mosque shortage stems partly from the lack of resources common to any relatively poor, rapidly growing immigrant group. But in several places, Muslims trying to build mosques have also met resistance from communities wary of an alien culture or fearful they will foster violent radicals. Distrust sharpened after a group of Islamists bombed commuter trains in Madrid on March 11, 2004, killing 191 people, and in several cities, local governments, cowed by angry opposition from non-Muslims, have blocked Muslim groups from acquiring land for mosques.
Yeah, we infidels are funny that way, we're not really into being blown to pieces, as far as I can tell we've always been weird like that, one of life's great mysteries I imagine. Must have been the same thing that made King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella vanquish the Moors in the late 1400s.
Muslims ruled much of Spain for centuries, but after they were vanquished in the 1400s, their mosques were either left to ruin or converted into churches. Since then, fewer than a dozen new mosques have been built to serve Spain's Muslim population, which has grown in the past 10 years to about a million from about 50,000 as immigrants have poured into the country. That rise has coincided with a decline in church attendance in overwhelmingly Catholic Spain, giving new echo to an atavistic rivalry between the two religions. Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, has replaced Saturday as a day off in addition to Sunday on many local farms.
50 large to a million in just 10 years, combine the decline in church attendance with the rising abortion rate and even the Umma will figure out soon enough that the infidel is aborting himself out of existence. Soon the infidel will grow old and won't be interested in fighting anymore, why should he, he has no children to fight for, no future, nothing. Patience Iqbal, your time will come and then you can quietly move him out to the back house and take over the mansion.
Spain's secular state cannot finance religious buildings, though it has a special arrangement to subsidize the Catholic Church. Kouitene said the construction of the new mosque would rely on individual donations or financing from abroad. He said he had no idea how much it would cost but was confident they would find the money. "We have a saying in our religion," he said, shifting effortlessly between Spanish, Arabic and Catalan as he talked. "Anywhere there are even a few Muslims, you must build a mosque for joint prayer. Otherwise, the devil rules in that place."
Oh I'm sure you'll be able to find the money, you can find it in the general direction of Mecca, and even an ignorant Muslim can tell you where that is. Just head for the house of Saud, ask for the Wahhabbi wing and you'll be right.
The mayor, for one, welcomes the building. "We used to have a dominant religion, and now we have many religions, and we have to find a way of respecting that fact," Ros said. "Churches were the great public works of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. Now I see a day when every large city in Spain will have a mosque."
And one day soon, you will have another dominant religion, this 'many religions' nonsense is just there for now, one day every large city in Spain will only have a mosque. But unlike the past there aren't any more Ferdinand's or Isabella's to do another nasty vanquishing of the Moors. They have fallen, not to Moorish invaders but to the 'morning after' pill, 'no war' and the surgeon's blade.

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