Of fools and wise men

Thanks to Courier Mail - FEARS that Australian-born girls as young as three months are being flown to Africa to undergo barbaric circumcision operations have been reported to the Department of Child Safety. The Sunday Mail has learned that Family Planning Queensland has approached the State Government asking that a process be established to protect the children. The organisation fears that female genital mutilation is on the rise in Queensland with the increased number of African refugees arriving in the state in recent years.
Read the entire article and you won't find a single mention of Islam or Muslims. In case anyone just came down in the last shower, it's not Hindus or Buddhists or some other religion doing this. As a commenter to this article said [pulled now], all the countries where this is practiced and those who practice this crap are Muslim. Watch Wilder's "highly offensive" movie and he shows a small bit about female genital mutilation (FGM) in all it's disgusting reality.
Thanks to News.com.au - AUSTRALIA has added its voice to the international chorus of outrage over an anti-Islam film posted on the internet by a right wing Dutch politician. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith today said Geert Wilders' film Fitna equated Islam with acts of terror and violence and was "highly offensive".
I wonder if our foreign minister actually even saw the movie. I wonder, if he even knows or cares that this is going on in his bosses' home state? I remember a saying from a long time ago, a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from anothers'. Well Australia, there wasn't any FGM in Queensland before, there wasn't any FGM over in Europe, no honor killings, no sharia law, there weren't any no-go zones there either. No mass car burning and ambushing of police in France a while ago. No one marching down the street telling you to 'go to hell'.

I'm sure back then there were also such folk like Stephen Smith slamming anyone who said anything negative about Islam. No threats, move along folks, nothing to see here, sing kumbaya, it's all good, shut it or else. The choice is yours now, it's obvious your leaders would rather slam the messengers, do you want FGM across all states, you want no-go zones in your cities, you want to see your car being burnt, you want to see sharia law in certain places, sharia banking, your women covering up, the odd honor killing here and there to wake up. Will you be the wise one or the fool? Image thanks to Yahoo Images.

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