Near-Extinct Party Advises On Quality Recruits

By AR - The Australian Democrats, once the third force in Australian politics but now whittled down to... well, nothing after the next senate term expires, have some advice for the ADF in finding quality recruits. In a recruiting crisis brought about by a booming economy, (bloody Howard!) the ADF needs to look further afield for candidates. According to Natasha Stott Despoja (the Dems longest serving pol), the ADF's new recruits should be made up of women:

"Of the 3,500 personnel currently deployed overseas, only 164 are women," and Pacific Islanders: "This makes even more sense when you consider the Rudd government's intention to focus the deployment of our military personnel on the Asia-Pacific region."
Even more sense??? Who said it made any sense?

But true to Democrat principles which has seen the party obliterated in recent elections she reveals why recruiting Pacific Islanders is A Good Idea - those recruits would learn skills and earn money which would support their communities. Some sort of work for the dole scheme... with guns.

It looks like Natasha's ideas are spreading. Employment in the Australian agricultural industry is also at crisis levels.

Their solution? "... an easing of immigration laws to allow Pacific islanders to come to Australia on a seasonal basis to pick fruit and vegetables. We are continuing to promote the islander seasonal worker concept."

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