Forget responsibility, just party on!

Thanks to Daily Mail - The tiny community of Wray in North Lancashire was stunned to see schoolchildren having sex in the village square and a boy was rushed to hospital after drinking spiked drinks. Evidence of drug-taking was found and teenagers attempted to break into an ambulance. Now Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale has written to all parents of its 630 pupils stating that a large number of 14-year-old girls had drunken under-age sex at the party. The letter, sent out yesterday, warned about possible pregnancies, saying: "The risks are real - assume the worst." Deputy headmistress Alison Hughes told parents that at least 70 pupils went to the end-of-term party, attended by 200 teenagers in all.
Well shock/horror folks, we have a society of little or no responsibility, the adults themselves can't seem to control themselves. Booze, drugs, promiscuity, it's all good apparently, drink too much and just turn up at the local emergency room and you'll be right, just send the bill to the ol taxpayer. Overdose or can't keep your legs closed, no worries, emergency room again or the nearest drug injecting room, five or six abortions, yeah no worries, who's to judge. These days kids who hold parties and trash their parents homes are turned into instant heroes. In this new-age utopia we've cobbled together we teach the young ones to take responsibility by well, not taking any, go figure. Who'll be cleaning up the tiny community of Wray, I'd be very, very surprised if it's these little miscreants. Whipping them while they clean up the whole town would teach them a valuable lesson and send a message but we don't do that sort of thing anymore. And apparently we're much better off for it.
Ms Hughes stated that harmful quantities of alcohol had been consumed, there had been criminal damage and drug abuse at the party on Wednesday night, and one pupil could have died as a result. "A lot of the children that came to us needed sexual healthcare. These are children we need to protect. Children that approached us to say it had gone on and said it was a very upsetting experience. "We have had to help a lot of girls though the aftermath of having unprotected sex that evening - most of whom have told us they were too drunk to be in control of themselves. "Thankfully there is a great deal of trust between ourselves and the children so they felt they could talk to us."
So much for all that sex education eh, all those hours and details, they must be told, spare no details, all wasted. Believe it or not, there will be those out there calling for even more sex-ed and for it to start at an even younger age. Too drunk to be in control of themselves eh, who the hell organized this thing, will they be punished appropriately? Dream on, remember what I said earlier, we teach the young ones to take responsibility by well, not taking any. I guess it'll be mass abortions now, I mean someone has to pay the consequences. Everything in life has a price, I guess the trick is to ensure it's someone else who always pays. That'll send another message to the young ones, can't keep your legs closed, no worries, we have abortion on demand. And that last bit about 'a great deal of trust' is bull, the way I see it, even these lying little bastards (pun intended) know that if they don't find this 'great deal of trust' pretty quickly, it won't be a growing nose that'll be shoving the truth to the surface. Image thanks to Daily Snack.

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