Free healthcare? Can't even deliver free rat control! - Maxine Killingback, who lives on her own, jumped up in shock when she felt the rat bite the top of her leg and fell over onto the floor, hurting her back. After drowning the rat herself using a plunger and barricading the toilet to stop other rats which were trying to get out, she phoned Greenwich Council in London only to be told she would have to wait three weeks for them to come and sort out the problem. A council spokesman said it was not possible to make an immediate appointment for its free rat control service due to high demand.
You can bet her council rates had better be paid on time and in full, or else. It's like this free healthcare nonsense, they'll gouge your taxes from you and if you don't pay or are late, they'll kick your ass or pursue you till you regret you were ever born. But when you turn up at the local emergency room or need an operation, you'll be told to shut it and get in line. They don't care if you're in pain or you kept your nose clean all your life or in this case, you have a toilet full of rats. If some crackhead scumbag parasite turned up before you and took the bed, that's too bad, for you that is. Like they say, it's free, they didn't say anything about it being timely or of good quality.

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