Not All Major Media Aboard Earth Hour

By AR - Well, ok it's a long way from being a major anything, but I was thrilled to read in my local free-newspaper, The Weekly Times, an editorial blasting Earth Hour for the farce it is.

"Children and their big kid parents are being tricked into taking part in the Earth Hour farce again this Saturday night."

It's a bit unusual for a local paper to take such an approach and risk offending readers (and losing advertisers). Normally local papers are anodyne in their opinions playing it safe and PC. I commend the editor for his fearless stance in combating the Earth Hour hoax.

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  1. This year I will be turning on every light in my house for Earth Hour. I even rented a searchlight to light the sky. Did the same last year too.
    The sky didn't fall then and it won't fall now.


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