Gutless, pathetic cowards. No wonder we're losing the fight for the West.
"Web site name registrar Network Solutions is blocking access to a site
owned by a controversial Dutch politician known for his confrontational views about Islam and Muslim immigrants. The move by one of the largest companies in the domain registration business is notable, experts say, because it may be the first documented case of Internet pre-censorship by a major U.S.-based Web registrar."

I've been banging this drum forever--to those bloggers who fondly imagine that the internet has given us freedom to express our views, and that freedom will last forever--think again.
This is how we'll be silenced.
The islamists and the totalitarians in our own countries can silence us whenever they choose to do so, because hosting companies by and large don't give a damn about the views expressed, only about the financial costs of the pressure that can be brought to bear.

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