We have to do better for the children

Daily Mail - The decline of marriage is leading to widespread underachievement and indiscipline in schools, teachers warned yesterday. Growing numbers are being brought up in splintered families by mothers with children by different fathers, leading to behaviour and mental health problems including eating disorders and suicidal thoughts, a teachers' conference heard. Mr Whalley, a teacher at Hardenhuish School in Wiltshire, said: "We all know from professional experience the extent to which chaotic home lives and family breakdowns are damaging the educational prospects of children in this country.
"We know that no matter how brilliant the lesson, or how much has been spent on rebuilding the school, if a child comes in angry and in emotional turmoil because of their family life they will not learn. Mr Whalley said evidence from 16 countries in Europe and America showed that even cohabiting couples contributed to the problem. They are twice as likely to separate as married couples, he said. He went on: "Further research shows that even if re-marriage occurs or parents find new partners the damage continues. "The educational outcomes for all the children in so-called blended families are worse than the achievements of children brought up in traditional nuclear families."
Many teachers and institutions these days are pushing a godless, politically correct, anything-goes agenda down the throats of children, the next generation and adults. Society is also guilty of this, if you say anything to someone and it's, screw you I'll do what I want, who are you to judge! Single mothers, different fathers, divorce, cohabitation, two mommies, three daddies, drugs, booze, promiscuity, parents pursuing careers, seeing children at night and on weekends, it's all good apparently. Turn on the TV and watch any program about families and the consistent message is divorce, screwing around, adultery, marrying numerous times, one night stands and unhappiness. Heck the only people on TV having good relationships are homosexuals. Try showing a program about a traditional family unit where everything is going alright and the show will surely tank.

That's all too boring for most of us, however it's not quite as juicy and entertaining when it's happening to you for real. Incidentally all this is in the good book, we were told many, many centuries ago that certain things should be done a certain way. But we don't want to listen, we're too sophisticated to listen to the old folks. We're too clever for those old fools, so clever that we need research and fancy graphs to tell us what should be obvious. We want to make our own rules which seem to be 'no rules', so we are doomed to breaking it all and having to rebuild it all over again after learning from the painful consequences. And because we won't accept that some things are sacred and we won't listen, over time old lessons will be forgotten and we have to break it all and then rebuild it all over again, over and over. We have to do better than this folks.

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